Paul Klee - Pedagogical Sketchbook

Paul Klee. 1960. Pedagogical Sketchbook. New York: Praeger Publishers
Introduction and translation by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy
Download the PDF file here.

The child and play - Theoretical approaches and teaching applications

From the preface:
"This report is primarily intended for teachers and teacher-trainers; it may also be found useful by ethnologists, sociologists and psychologists who are interested in child behaviour. It is divided into three main sections: an analysis of play activities from an anthropological, sociological arid pedagogical point of view, case studies conducted in a number of Member States over the past few years, and, finally, proposed working instruments and models for those who might wish to use in their teaching, methods and materials based on the games or toys of their particular environment. A brief bibliography completes the study."

You can download the PDF document from the UNESCO site: here.

Architectural Toys - Processos Complementares de Reprodução Disciplinar em Arquitectura

The next academical year (2012/2013) I'll teach a new course at the FAUP called "Architectural Toys - Processos Complementares de Reprodução Disciplinar em Arquitectura". It will work during a semester from September to January.
So this blog will be used also as a platform to spread ideas, bibliography or other kind of information both for students or to the general public.

You can find more information following this link.