Architectural toys at FAUP - 2020/2021

Another edition of my course at FAUP is over. This year I decided to change the course name for Architectural toys - A construção lúdica da Arquitectura (the ludic construction of architecture). The new name can cover more manifestations of what I call "educational project in architecture". I also reinforced and extended the field of contents because I found a deeper connection with arts, especially with the vanguards in the beginning of XX century. The new syllabus caused a little change in the student's works, now more abstract, that you can see below. Because the pandemic condition I canceled the cube exercise and we focused on the main practical or theoretical works. 

Ana Luis Fernandes Alago 


Ana Rita Santos Couto


Andrè Daniel Mendes Ferreira



Anna Lisa Senius 

Bruno Alves Guimarães


Carla Andreina Garcia Vera


Carolina da Silva Pereira


Chiara Cali'

Erika Nurmberger e Lucas Keller


Francisco Alberto Magalhães Peneda Ferreira

 Giulia Di Perna

Gustavo Kinjiro Murena


Maria Luis Coelho Nogueira


Mariana Costa Abreu



Mariana Rafaela Ramalho Araújo 


Mónica Cristina Jardim Dias

Parzival Pedro Schneider

Stéphanie Dijck Amorim da Silveira