Ludic Architecture - The book

After a successful event a great book!
With my scientific coordination, the book contains articles by the speakers that participated in the Ludic Architecture 2017 at FAUP:  Ana Neiva, Biagio Di Carlo, Brenda Vale, Carlos Prata, Diogo Aguiar, Elvira Leite, Fermín Blanco, Franco la Cecla, Gabriela Burkhalter, Gilles Brougère, José Lus González Fernández, Juan Bordes, Marco Ginoulhiac, Robert Vale, Rodrigo Coelho, Santiago Atrio Cerezo and Virgínio Moutinho.

A unique opportunity to read texts about this subject, the book is organized around three main chapters: objects (toys and educational objects), spaces (public, educational and collective spaces) and experiences (methodologies and testimonials).

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Article in Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social (RIEJS)

My article in the Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social (RIEJS)
It's written in Portuguese, but here you can read the english abstract:

"The article explores the connection between play and architectural design studio teaching. Approaching ludic a special interest is given to its practices and objects, the toys, considered capable to curry meanings and disciplinary values. Besides that, toys manipulation is, oftentimes, an action very close with the didactic of the design studio teaching. In a second moment the approach is directed to the design studio teaching and to its main traits, among which the exercise of freedom. The subject projects for an indeterminate future, this mean, in a free condition. In a third moment, the two theoretical paths cross each other and the connections between intellectual and material ludic behavior and design studio are stressed."