Exposição no V&A Museum of Childhood em Londres de 9/10/2010 até 9/1/2011

Do site do Museu:
Collecting and making paper models has been a popular pastime since the later part of the eighteenth century, with companies such as Pellerin, Schreiber, Micro Models and Milton Bradley in Europe and America producing some of the most collectible versions.
The exhibition is divided into three areas. The first concentrates on architects, architecture and paper models produced specifically for adults. The second is a display of a model town, exploring how in addition to famous landmarks, schools and shops, stations and windmills were also very popular to collect and make. The third theme looks at paper models produced for children, and how they have been adapted over time to make them easier to play with, using themes of entertainment and education. As part of the exhibition, visitors will be invited to make their own 3D paper buildings as part of a giant collaborative cityscape.

Fonte: http://www.vam.ac.uk

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