MYTHO - mythologická stavebnice / mythological construction set

Last year I lectured at the Pilsen Art Camp a Toy Design course. This year Pilsen is the European Capital of Culure 2015 and when I went back for lecturing again at the ArtCamp 2015 I found a city full of exhibitions and happening. 
Of course some exhibition was about Ladislav Sutnar, his graphic and industrial design works, painting and, for sure, toys. The three exhibitions are part of the project The Return of Ladislav Sutnar which comprises a number of activities, in which Sutnar's work will gradually, during the course of 2015, be presented to the public. But all of them absolutely unmissable.

I must to confess that I felt really happy when, in a collateral exhibition at Pilsen Municipal Gallery, I saw some toys designed by Pavla Boháčová, a student from the last year course, and that was already in production for selling. Mytho, that's the toy's name, is a construction set inspired on mythological figures. Made by colored wood, Mytho in sold in a box with several pieces that allow to build Pegasus, Centaur or Unicorn, among others.

As a teacher is a really great proud when your student start his journey by himself. Is some kind of circle that, finally, reaches its final shape. Congratulation Pavla!

Here the official site:

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