"The Cube" exercise at 2016/17 Architectural Toys course

One more year, one more "the cube" exercise...
Also this year my students faced this exercise with several interesting results. It's amazing how different can be the cube shape and how many materials can be used in order to create it. Every year it is a surprise! Here some examples:

Brice Petitdidier
Cesar Kimenez
Fabiana Contessoto
Fraçois Perre
Heike Raab​e
João Cunha
Júlio Dinis
Camille Klein
 Mónica Castellanos
 Salomé Torossian
Ana Pazos
Clàudia Usón Delso
Coralie Bertrand
Csongor Egyed
Hugo Gómez
Javier Blasco
Joana Tomaz
Lucie Červená
Margarita Konorova
Maria Constanza Trespalacios Vilches
Marta Manca
Marta Pimenta
Mathieu Laporte
Márton Kőműves
Michael Hafner
Miguel Alves​​
Patricia Parra
Renan Antiqueira
Rodrigo Alves
Victória Baggio de Freitas
Zeeshan Elahi Aziz
Zoé Duvauchel


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